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Film ID  ACE439
Article  A
Title  Thousand Borrowed Eyes
Series  Black Arts Video Project
Date  1994
Director  Shakila Maan
Production Company 
Synopsis  Kathak exponent, Nahid Siddiqui (b. Pakistan,1949) offers her personal analysis of the origins of this dance form.
Minutes  15 min
Choreographer  Nahid Siddiqui
Full synopsis  ACE439.2 10:00:00 10:15:20 Nahid Siddiqui dancing outdoors. Her VO saying that kathak embodies both Hindu and Muslim culture and is one of the most intense forms of expression. Siddiqui preparing for performance. Her VO talking about her own Islamic ba
Full credits  Dancer & Choreographer Nahid Siddiqui; Tabla Sarwar Sabri; Camera/Lighting Paul Jones; Camera Assistant Dilesh Korya; Sound Alistair Waterson; Studio Technician Sarah Whelan; Stills Poulomi Desai; Production Assistants Shruti Tanna, Sharazad Dos; Runner Mujassam Choudhary Maan; Editor Julie Lambden; Assistant Producer Isham Rais; Additional Music Nasser Rastegar-Nejad, Music of Iran, Santur Recital, Vol.2, LLST 7165, with the kind permission of Lyrichord Records, New York; Song of the Turkish Dervishes, Sufi Music: The Zikr Ceremony, CD ARN 64061, with the kind authorisation of Arion Records, Paris. Many Thanks to Ian Magowan at Filmatic, Sadya Maan, John Wallis, Robert Belton, Ronald Gower, James Van Der Pool, Ann Sufi, Yasmin Sufi, Smita Bhide. Produced with financial assistance from the Arts Council of England. Filmed on location in Elstree, West Midlands, and London. Produced & Directed by Shakila Maan. Copyright Shakila Maan.

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