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Film ID  ACE126
Title  Ten Years in an Open-Necked Shirt
Date  1982
Director  Nick May
Production Company  Metropolis Pictures
Synopsis  A portrait of British poet, story-teller and comedian, John Cooper Clarke (b.1949).
Minutes  61 min
Full synopsis  ACE126.2 (00:00:00 - 00:10:57)
Night streets. John Cooper Clarke performing Midnight Shift in VO over titles. John Cooper Clarke at microphone continuing performance of Midnight Shift (1982). Daytime streets. Audience. Street scenes. The Ritz, Manchester. Clarke continues with performance of Majorca (1979). Twat (1979). Unidentified performer. Train journey. Evidently Chicken Town (1980) over.

ACE126.3 (00:10:57 - 00:17:36)
Caption: “Interview for a student magazine, Manchester, March 1982.” Clarke answers questions about his style of delivery, places he’s lived, his father doing stand-up comedy, themes in his work. Scenes from 1981 London Marathon. Clarke VO Health Fanatic (1978).

ACE126.4 (00:17:36 - 00:31:49)
Clarke at gig with Linton Kwesi Johnson. Performs Gaberdine Angus (1979). The Pest (1979). Johnson performs Sonny’s Lettah (Anti-Sus Poem, 1979). Clarke performs I Wanna Be Yours (1982). Tells a long joke about a man buying a car. The Ghost of Al Capone (1982). Audience. Clarke’s backstage comments heard over.

ACE126.5 (00:31:49 - 00:40:20)
Caption: “‘Melody Maker’ interview, March 1982.” Clarke talking about the influence of Richard O’Sulllivan, racing commentator, on his performance style, about poetry revival, and about social comment and humour. Interviewer with Johnson who talks about the likelihood of a major attack on the black community by the police. Johnson and Clarke being photographed. Valley of the Lost Women (1978) heard over shots of canteen staff washing dishes; shoppers; woman drinking tea, at swimming pool, walking home, in lift; city at night.

ACE126.6 (00:40:20 - 00:48:18)
Attila the Stockbroker talking about Clarke, comparing their work. Recites Foyer Bar (1981). Caption: “Michèle Roberts, Jules Deelder, John Cooper Clarke.” Roberts interviewing Deelder and Clarke. Deelder recites School Days. Clarke talking about wanting to be a “commercial artist” and reading Futurist poetry. Clarke recites I Mustn’t Go Down to the Sea Again (c.1980). Clarke and Deelder talk about their images. Roberts suggests Clarke has an anti-macho stance. Roberts recites Middle Class Hero. Clarke and Deelder both say they don’t feel constrained in their choice of subject.

ACE126.7 (00:48:18 - 01:01:01)
Clarke on stage. Performs Ten Years in an Open Necked Shirt (1978). Dramatisation of part of the plot. Clarke continues reciting, partly in the dramatisation, partly back on stage. Clarke talking to fans. Streets of boarded-up houses. Beasley Street (1980) over. Film and VO continue under Credits.

Full credits  Mother Cyrene, Hilary Mason; Lost Woman, Sally Cranfield; Raoul, Andrew de la Tour; The Chums, Jan Carter, Luke Kelly; Choirboy, Philip Ward; Boys, Steven Bewley, Darren Ellis, Steve Langton, Mark Luxford; Interviewers, Andy Royston, Andrew Constable; From Melody Maker, Patrick Humphries. Executive Producer Rodney Wilson; Producers Elizabeth Taylor-Mead, Peter Berry; Script Nick May, David Kelly; Lighting Camera Oliver Stapleton; Editor John Mister; Assistant Editor Judy Forshaw; Additional Camera Richard Greatrex, Steven Alcorn David Scott; Camera Assistant Brian Herlihy; Sound Diana Ruston, Stuart Edwards; Production Assistant Donna Grey; Lighting Bruce Kington; Art Consultants Geraldine Pilgrim, Rick Fisher; Graphic Design Sandy Ward; Titles & Opticals Hugh Gordon; Music The Invisible Girls; Additional Music Mantovani & his Orchestra, Gordon Raitt; Dubbing Mixer Tony Anscombe; Laboratories Kay. Thanks to all those who helped in the making of this film, including: Manchester Polytechnic Students Union, The Bowes-Lyon Youth Club, Stevenage, Mecca Leisure Ltd. Manchester, Rackhams Department Store, Sheffield April Music Ltd., CBS & Epic Records Ltd. Special thanks to John Arnison, Lizzy Hopkinson, Sandy Ward David Kelly, Steve Maguire, Steve Hopkins. A Metropolis Pictures Production. Made for the Arts Council of Great Britain in association with Channel Four. Arts Council of Great Britain © MCMLXXXII.
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ACE126.5 (00:31:49 - 00:40:20)
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