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Film ID  ACE140
Title  Bill Woodrow
Series  Just What Is It...?
Date  1984
Director  Geoff Dunlop, John Wyver
Production Company  Illuminations
Synopsis  Interview with British sculptor, Bill Woodrow (b.1948), whose work utilises domestic applicances, car doors, etc.
Minutes  17 min
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Pieces being packed for transport. Bill Woodrow talking to Museum technician. He talks about the gestation of Twin Tub with Beaver (1981). He says it may be witty, but it’s not a joke. He says he discovers by making a work what it will be about, and only when it’s completed recognises its full connotations. Twin Tub with Chainsaw (1981), perhaps the third he’d made in this way, Woodrow wanted the “bizarre” conjunction of the opposites. The first of this series followed the bicycles, and he wanted to use other materials. The strong visual connection between the two parts, makes it easy to see how it was made. Two Blue Car Doors (1981). Woodrow says it’s always important to be able to see what the works are made of, though the elements could be arranged in different ways. He finds the arrangement which he thinks is right. He wanted the gun off the floor so it could be better seen. He wanted to pick up on the perverse use of the familiar car. He uses discarded domestic objects because they’re available. Car Door, Armchair and Incident (1981). Woodrow made this work as a direct response to urban violence, things he never saw but which was widely reported. The car involved in violence in some way. The piece has a strong narrative element. Woodrow explains how it was put together. He agrees that his work is about “an image”, though he’s not concerned if it’s abstract or not. He says he’s using (and representing) “the refuse of society” which has value but is thrown away as waste. View of exhibition room. Credits

Full credits  Interviewed in June 1983 at the Museum of Modern Art, Oxford. This material was shot for but not included in the film Just What Is It…? Camera Graham Berry; Sound Chris Renty; Editor Robert Hargreave; Producers Geoff Dunlop & John Wyver for Illuminations. Arts Council of Great Britain & Channel 4 Television. © 1984.
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