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Film ID  ACE191
Title  Pilgrims. 1966-1974 Czechoslovakia. Photographs by MARKÉTA LUSKAČOVÁ
Series  Moving Stills
Date  1989
Director  Renny Bartlett
Production Company  Reverie Productions
Synopsis  One of a series of short films on documentary photographers living and working Britain: MARKÉTA LUSKAČOVÁ (b. Prague, 1944).
Minutes  5 min
Full synopsis  ACE191.2 (00:00:00 - 00:05:05)
Agricultural scenes, snow, house interiors, people in regional costume, religious scenes, funeral, feast, family, etc. I.D. CARD MARKÉTA LUSKAČOVÁ. I am more interested in people than photography. Credits

Full credits  Rostrum camera Begonia Tamarit; Photographic consultant Jenny Matthews; Graphic design Siân Thomas, Madeleine Hall; Music Danny Thompson; Editor JoAnn Kaplan; Executive producer Rodney Wilson; Produced by Renny Bartlett and Ian McAuley; Directed by Renny Bartlett. Reverie Productions for the Arts Council of Great Britain in association with Channel 4 Television. © ACGB MCMLXXXIX.
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