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Film ID  ACE199
Title  Dance House 2
Series  Dance House
Date  1991
Director  Tim Albery
Production Company  Dancelines
Synopsis  One of a series of twelve short dance films designed specifically for television.
Minutes  6 min
Choreographer  Frank McConnel
Full synopsis  ACE199.2 (00:00:00 - 00:05:51)
Credits. Dancers painting and drawing on walls. Dancing in a space which becomes smaller. Dancing under low perforated ceiling. Panel closes off the end of the space. In the original space. Credits.

Full credits  Choreographer Frank McConnel; Composer John Lunn; Designer Duncan McGaskill; Director Tim Albery; Performed by Christine Devaney, Craig McNight, Andrew Howitt, Philippe Giraudeau; Gaffer Keith Osborne; Sound Recordist Godfrey Kirby; Lighting Cameraman David Gopsil; Off line Editor Allen Charlton; On line Editor Paul Bates; Runners Lisa Barlow, Benjamin Jones; Researcher Ellen Cranitch; Production Manager Trevor Mathurin; Executive Producers Bob Lockyer, Rodney Wilson; Produced by Peter Mumford, Emma Burge. A Dancelines production for the BBC & the Arts Council of Great Britain. Copyright BBC MCMXCI.
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