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Film ID  ACE204
Title  Dance House 7
Series  Dance House
Date  1991
Director  Emma Burge
Production Company  Dancelines
Synopsis  One of a series of twelve short dance films designed specifically for television.
Minutes  6 min
Choreographer  Nick Burge
Full synopsis  ACE204.2 (00:00:00 - 00:05:42)
Credits. Man in stable with restless pony. Stableman comes in and complains to the pony about its behaviour. Man starts tap-dancing imitating the noise of the pony’s hoofs. Lies down to sleep. Sounds of blacksmith. Man tapping. Pony shaking its chained head. Stableman arrives and takes it away, leaving man shut in. Credits.

Full credits  Choreographer Nick Burge; Director Emma Burge; Performed by Nick Burge, Jimmy Smith, Jaws; Grip Ian Buckley; Gaffer Keith Osborne; Assistant Cameramen John Cridlin, Stephen Banks; Sound Recordist Godfrey Kirby; Series Music Co-ordinator John-Marc Gowans; Lighting Cameraman Chris Hartley; Assistant Editor Mary Kennedy; Editor Christine Booth; On line Editor Paul Bates; Runners Lisa Barlow, Benjamin Jones; Researcher Ellen Cranitch; Construction F.R. Blunt; Production Manager Trevor Mathurin; Assistant Director Peter Markham; Executive Producers Bob Lockyer, Rodney Wilson; Produced by Peter Mumford, Emma Burge. A Dancelines production for the BBC & the Arts Council of Great Britain. Copyright BBC MCMXCI.
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