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Film ID  ACE220
Title  Word of Mouth 8
Series  Word of Mouth
Date  1990
Director  John Gwyn
Production Company  Border Television
Synopsis  One of a ten-part series, presented by John Hegley, in which contemporary poets read their work: with Bob Cobbing, Tom Leonard, Tadeusz Rozewicz, James Simmons, and Francis Bebey.
Minutes  25 min
Full synopsis  ACE220.2 (00:00:00 - 00:12:26)
John Hegley introduces the programme, reads Not Far From Carlisle, Blackburn and Preston and Bradford to Bristol, and introduces Tadeusz Różewicz. Tadeusz Różewicz reads A Lesson in Patience, dedicated to Mieczysław Porębski (in Polish with EST). James Simmons reads Honeysuckle. Hegley introduces Tom Leonard. Tom Leonard introduces and reads The Good Thief from Unrelated Incidents. Leonard reads This is the Six O’Clock News from Unrelated Incidents. Leonard reads The Schooner, The Mother of Parliaments… from Situations Theoretical and Contemporary. Leonard reads Dear Member… from the same sequence. Leonard reads The Coach Driver Makes an Announcement… from the same sequence.

ACE220.3 (00:12:26 - 00:24:32)
Hegley reads In the Park and The Man in the Street. Audio recording of (Caption) “Kurt Schwitters, Experimental Artist and Poet, Born Hannover 1887”, over film of Schwitters’s work on the Merzbarn at Marshaw Barn, near Ambleside. Hegley talks to Bob Cobbing, Concrete Poet, about Karl Schwitters’s life and work. More images of the Merzbarn sculptures, and some collages. Audio recording over; Caption “Kurt Schwitters, Died in Kendal, Cumbria 1948”. Leonard reads Scotland Has Become an Independent Socialist Republic.... Leonard reads Efter They’d Gied Us a Spiel… from Unrelated Incidents. Leonard reads Right Enough, Ma Language is Disgraceful… from Unrelated Incidents. Leonard reads Despite the Fact That it Belonged to a Class o’ People… from Unrelated Incidents. Hegley introduces Francis Bebey. Francis Bebey playing a sanza (kalimba, thumb piano) which he says symbolises the world as a family, the dead beneath the ground. He sings It is an awful road to walk on… over footage of soldiers and injured children. Credits.

Full credits  Presented by John Hegley; With Bob Cobbing, Tom Leonard, Tadeusz Rozewicz, James Simmons, Francis Bebey. For Schwitters Wall, Our Thanks to Hatton Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, DACS. Translations of Tadeusz Rozewicz by Adam Czerniawski. Archive Material, Kurt Schwitters Slides Marlborough Fine Arts, London, WTN, ITN. Music Composed and Performed by Nigel Piper; Film Camera Tom Ritchie; Assistant Camera Alan Moir; Film Editor Malcolm Farquharson; Graphic Designer Bob Baptist; Researchers Angela Pollard, Oonagh Taylor; Production Assistant Jean Reed; Vision Mixer Gwynne Challenger; Floor Manager Ted Gowling; Vision Engineer Ray Barrett; Studio Cameras Mike Somers; Studio Sound Phil Middlemore; Lighting Director Tony Nuttall; VT Editor Roger Drew, Peter Eichler; Design Ian Reed; Producers for the Arts Council Rodney Wilson, Alistair Niven; Executive Producer Paul Corley; Programme Editor & Location Director Tom Pickard; Producer, Studio Director John Gwyn. A Border television Production in association with The Arts Council of Great Britain. © Border Television and the Arts Council.
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ACE220.3 (00:12:26 - 00:24:32)
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