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Film ID  ACE228
Article  The
Title  Fall
Series  10 x 10
Date  1990
Director  Darshan Singh Bhuller
Production Company  Singh
Synopsis  An dance piece devised for television, inspired by the story of British dancer, Celeste Dandeker (b.1951), whose career was abruptly ended by an accident.
Minutes  10 min
Choreographer  Darshan Singh Bhuller
Full synopsis  ACE228.2 (00:00:00 - 00:09:46)
Woman sculpting a bust tips over her wheelchair. Lying on the floor, with her own “Desert Island Discs” story on the radio, she remembers different periods in her life. Man dancing with little girl. Young woman and young man dancing. Woman and man dancing. Woman, frustrated, in wheelchair while her partner continues to dance. He leaves. Sculptor helped up; photograph of her dancing. Credits.

Full credits  Cast: Celeste Dandeker, Michael Fulwell, Darshan Singh Bhuller, Peter Dunleavy, Lizie Saunderson, Sita Kaur Bhuller. Special thanks to The Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Robin Howard Trust, Technicolor, Sue Lawley, Tom Johnson, Neil Fulcher; Photography Mike Fox, Paola Ribiero; Grips John Dowden; Continuity Van Caren; Film Editor Peter Simpson; Dubbing Mixer Lee Taylor; Executive Producer for the Arts Council Rodney Wilson; Series Producer for the BBC Colin Rose; Producer Sallie Estep; Choreographed and Directed by Darshan Singh Bhuller. A Singh Production for the Arts Council of Great Britain in association with BBC Bristol. © MCMXC.
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