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Film ID  ACE234
Title  Day and Night
Series  Synchro 1
Date  1993
Director  Peter Harvey
Production Company 
Synopsis  One of a series of short productions made by young black film- and video-makers, a dramatized view of London life in the 17th and 20th centuries.
Minutes  7 min
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Town Crier walks through a market ringing his bell and calling “London, thou art the flower of cities all…”, and recites some of the rules of the Apollo Club – “Let none but guests or clubbers hither come … More for delight than cost prepare the feast.” The Crier becomes a poet and recites – over montage of London sights with dramatised sequences of people in offices and pubs, jazz musicians, policemen, down-and-outs, etc. – verses about rich and poor, law-abiding and criminal, and so on. Credits.

Full credits  Town Crier/Poet, Leon Herbert; Andrew Davis, David O’Kelly, Danny Sapani, Tom Bushe, Eden Eyre; Jazz Musicians, Adrian Richards, Steve Williamson; Additional performers, Jennifer Wagner, Wendy Monro, Samantha Bernard, Wendy Tappin, Fay Wint, Paul Jayson, Gerard Ryan, Victoria Parsons, Gary Donnelly, Victor Blackman, Bernadette Blackman, Lorraine Elder, Leon Donnelly, Viesha Tews; Lighting Camera Roy Cornwall; 1st Asst/Hi8 Camera Mario Thomas; Art Director Katheryn Clinkscales; Assistant Director Remy Stevenson; 2nd Asst Camera Karen Brown; Sound Recordist Andrew Pearson; Soundtrack Mario Thomas, Ben Smith, Peter Harvey; Studio Engineer Ben Smith; Studio Assistant Dianne Gayle; Lyrics/Narration Anthony Grant; Facilities VET, Cultural Partnerships, LVA, The Film Stock Centre; Special Thanks to The Old Queens Head, Martella Ltd., BDC, Middle Temple, London Borough of Islington, London Borough of Hackney, LDDC; The Eltham, The Greenback Partnership, Lol Gellor, Danny Fontayne, Paul Corley, Stephanie, Alina Jeremy The Harvey Family; Executive Producer Juliet McKoen; Producer David A. Ryan; Editor and Director Peter Harvey, For the Arts Council and Carlton Television Ltd. © PWH/ACGB/1993.
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