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Film ID  ACE238
Title  Gospel Truth
Series  Synchro 1
Date  1993
Director  Dilly Braimoh
Production Company 
Synopsis  One of a series of short productions made by young black film- and video-makers in which the Bailey family talk about their faith and gospel music.
Minutes  6 min
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Singers in church; intercut, singers talking about their love of gospel singing, their faith, gospel music itself, the values instilled in them by the music and their families. Credits

Full credits  Special thanks to The Bailey Family. Music Velroy Bailey; Cameras Peter Edwards, Alan Haddow; Camera Assistant Rob Bennett; Sound Dennis Stevenson; Production Suzie Viner, Lucy Ellson, Martin Addison, Maurice Jewell; Editors Brian De’Ath, Bob Clarke; Producer/Director Dilly Braimoh. For The Arts Council of Great Britain and Carlton Television Ltd. © Arts Council/Dilly Braimoh 1993.
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