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Film ID  ACE245
Title  Ode on St. Cecilia’s Day by Henry Purcell, from Stationers’ Hall, London where Purcell gave the first performance on St.Cecilia’s Day, November 22nd,1692
Date  1992
Director  Chris Hunt
Production Company  Iambic Productions
Synopsis  A performance of the Ode on St Cecilia’s Day (1692), by English Baroque composer, Henry Purcell, 1659-1695).
Minutes  45 min
Full synopsis  ACE245.2 (00:00:00 - 00:10:44)
Credits. The Maestoso, Allegro, and Adagio. “Hail! Bright Cecilia”.

ACE245.3 (00:10:44 - 00:20:25)
“Hark each tree”, “’Tis Nature’s Voice”, “Soul of the World”.

ACE245.4 (00:20:25 - 00:28:11)
“Thou Tun’st This World”, “With That Sublime Celestial Lay”, “Wondrous Machine”.

ACE245.5 (00:28:11 - 00:36:42)
“The Airy Violin”, “In Vain the Am’rous Flute”, “The Fife and All the Harmony of War”.

ACE245.6 (00:36:42 - 00:44:43)
“Let These Among Themselves Contest”, “Hail! Bright Cecilia”. Credits.

Full credits  Soloists: Patrizia Kwella (Soprano), Paul Esswood (Countertenor) , Christopher Robson (Countertenor), John Mark Ainsley (Tenor), Michael George (Bass), Alan Ewing (Bass), With The Schuzt Choir of London, London Baroque Players (Leader: Thomas Zehetmair), Conducted by Roger Norrington. Purcell Society/Novello Edition. With thanks to British Museum, Bodleian Library, Oxford, Maurice Cochrane, Historic Arts Ltd., Stationers’ Hall, London. Sound Producer Tim Handley; Sound Dave Porter, Will Shapland; Chief Electrician Derek Bull; Unit Manager Richard Mills; Cameras Barrie Dodd, Simon Cooper, Keith Gibson, Clive Gill, Duncan McLaren; Makeup Ann Buchanan; Floor Manager Harry Storey; Vision Mixer Roz Storey; Facilities provided by VMTV, TSI Video; Production Team Sophie Cole, Lucy Graham; Lighting Director David Findlay; Editors Arthur Bennett, Mike Butler; Associate Producer Judy Chesterman; Produced and Directed by Chris Hunt. An Iambic production in association with Channel Four, EMI Records Ltd., and The Arts Council. © Iambic Productions MCMXCII.
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ACE245.4 (00:20:25 - 00:28:11)
ACE245.5 (00:28:11 - 00:36:42)
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