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Film ID  ACE258
Title  Should Accidentally Fall
Series  Dance for the Camera 1
Date  1993
Director  Ross MacGibbon
Production Company  Landseer
Synopsis  One of a series of dance pieces created specially for television, featuring bottles and a bar.
Minutes  14 min
Choreographer  Yolande Snaith
Full synopsis  ACE258.2 (00:00:00 - 00:14:52)
Dancers opening and closing large moving metal doors and panels. Leaping and rolling on and off L-shaped, bar-height wooden platform. Green bottle breaking. Dancers hands throwing bottles to each other. Rolling the bottles on the platform, stacking them. The last one breaks. Throwing bottles round central pillar. Breaking them. Rubbing and sliding on sawdust on bar/platform. Women and men moving at the edges of the bar. Hand stretching out towards bottle on bar. Dancers moving towards bottles, spin them slide them, juggle with them, etc. Dancers leaving bar area. Bottles on bar fall and slide off. Credits.

Full credits  Devised and Choreographed by Yolande Snaith; Music Composed by Graeme Miller; Dancers Julia Clarke, James de Maria, Yolande Snaith, Jamie Watton; Arts Council Production Trainee Francesca Penzani; Production Assistant Lucinda Jarrett; Make-up Designer Emma Blanc; Design Assistant Lucy Elton; Lighting Gaffer Nick Jenner; Sound Recordist Adam Rickets; Grip Alan Tabner; Videotape Editor Perry Widdowson; Associate Producer Anne Williamson-Noble; Lighting Cameraman Tony Keene; Designer Robert Innes Hopkins; Executive Producers for The Arts Council and the BBC Rodney Wilson, Bob Lockyer; Produced and Edited by Ross MacGibbon. A Landseer Production for BBC and The Arts Council of Great Britain. © BBC and The Arts Council MCMXCIII.
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