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Film ID  ACE262
Title  Celebrashan
Series  Synchro 2
Date  1994
Director  Pauline Bailey
Production Company  Shomari Productions
Synopsis  One of a series of short productions made by young black film- and video-makers, a demonstration of the importance of African oral tradition in contemporary popular music forms such as rap and hip-hop.
Minutes  6 min
Full synopsis  ACE262.2 (00:00:00 - 00:06:05)
Rapper performing poem in street settings, celebrating the continuity of “Telling stories to the beat of a drum…” which “Survived through the chains, the whipping and the gun…” intercut with footage of dancer and percussionist. Credits.

Full credits  Performance Poet Martin Glynn; Dancer Sandra Golding; Drummer Steff; Lighting Camera/Studio Robin McDonald; Camera Operator/Location Jordi Ripolles; Camera Assistant Maxine Blake; Sound Recordist Frank Minton; Sound Assistant Tina Hamilton; Gaffer Steve Hayward; Runner Peter Zacaroli; Production Assistant Tracy Patfield; Art Director Sarah Davies; Props Martin Parry Stills Photographer Nigel Madhoo; Post Production Facilities TVG; Editors, Offline Peter Zacaroli, Online Paul Jackson; Production Manager Maggie Swinfen. Thanks Also To Available Light Photography Studio, Birmingham Centre for Media Arts, Midland Arts Centre. Producer/Director Pauline Bailey. Shomari Productions. For The Arts Council of England and Carlton Television Ltd.
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