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Film ID  ACE278
Title  Jazz Rebound
Series  Synchro 3
Date  1994
Director  Michael Maynard
Production Company  Eye & Eye
Synopsis  One of a series of short productions made by young black film- and video-makers, combining jazz and basketball.
Minutes  5 min
Full synopsis  ACE278.2 (00:00:00 - 00:05:28)
Basketball players. Man getting ready for game. Man assembling his saxophone. Saxophonist and basketball player intercut. Rapper speaking about playing basketball. The player. Musicians. Basketball players. Rapper. Credits.

Full credits  Basketball Consultant Alton Byrd; Basketball Players Steve Nelson, Andrew Bailey, Karl Brown, Adrian Cummins, Tony Holley, Carl Miller; Music Rise with Da Elevation by Alvin Davis; Musicians: Saxophone Alvin Davis, Bass Gary Graham, Keyboards Baldwin McIntoch, Drums Vindyl Watson, Rapper Mousse. Electricians Jamie Prentice, Michael Parker; Grips Ronan Murphy, Jamie Monks; Camera Assistant Bryan Beaton; 1st Assistant Director Esme Twun; Production Manager Yvonne Barnes; Sound Michelle Mascal; Production Consultant Jackie Osei-Tutu; Off-line Editor Henry Letts, Rosalind Hewitt; On-line Editor Michael Peatfield; Dubbing Mixer Robin Fellows; Lighting Cameraman Kelvin Richards; Producer/Director Michael Maynard; Produced by Eye & Eye Communications for Arts Council of England and Carlton Television Ltd. © Eye & Eye Communications and Arts Council of England 1994.
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