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Film ID  ACE282
Article  The
Title  Spice Tin
Series  Synchro 3
Date  1995
Director  Dilesh Korya
Production Company  Non-Aligned Communications
Synopsis  One of a series of short productions made by young black film- and video-makers: the cultural and sensual importance of spices in Indian cooking.
Minutes  9 min
Full synopsis  ACE282.2 (00:00:00 - 00:08:30)
Scenes in a street market somewhere in India. Woman’s VO relates the story of “The Spice People” who uprooted themselves from their homeland and spread at across the world. Cooking pot: woman tasting the contents. Washing clothes at riverside. Temples. Woman says her story begins in 1945 in Gujarat. Woman introduces herself as Sirti, “pickle-maker extraordinare”, and points to her piles of spices. Her masala tin which she describes as being “key to being an Indian”. Bobby Joseph, Community Worker, cooking, talking about inheriting his spice tin from his grandmother, and about learning to cook in Kerala by watching her and his mother in the kitchen. Woman cooking. He talks about his own cooking, and about taking his spice tin with him whenever he goes to work abroad. Sirti’s VO talking about 1972 in Kenya. She points out that the spices come from so many different places. Mridula Baljekar, Author & Food Consultant, cooking. She was given her spice tin by her mother-in-law when she married, and explains its symbolism. Wedding ceremony. She says that she learned about cooking and the use of spices from her grandmother. She compares her spice tin to an artist’s palette and suggests that cooking is an art dependant on the imagination. Sirti tastes again and comments “bitter”. Sissy says that her masala tin “bears the scars and dents of [her] journey”, and likens it to Pandora’s box. Credits.

Full credits  Sirti, Surendra Kochar. Stills Photographer Amrando Atkinson; Production Runners Paul Muchumani, Boakai Sasay; Production Co-ordinator Chinyere Ukairo; Art Assistant Sophie Ashton; Art Director Emma Fowler; Make-up Sharon Martin; Grip Andy Hickman; Gaffer Andy Milner; Sound Recordist Giancarlo Dellapina; Camera Assistant Bill Siepman; Lighting Camera Araf Khan; Composer Steve Savale; Editor Stefan Stuckert; Line Producer Stella Nwimo; Series Producer Simon Onwurah; Director Dilesh Korya. Many Thanks to Shakila Maan, Natco, Schwarz, Popat’s Utensils, Tumi, Film & Television Lighting Services, Sands Studios. A Non-Aligned Communications Production for The Arts Council of England. © The Arts Council of England MCMXCV.
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