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Film ID  ACE292
Title  Duo
Series  Picture House
Date  1995
Director  Claire Denis
Production Company  Koninck
Synopsis  One of a series of short films inspired by paintings: a man smoking.
Minutes  4 min
Full synopsis  ACE292.2 (00:00:00 - 00:04:00)
Details from Duo by Jacques de Loustal (1994). Man seated, smoking. The painting. The man. Black. Music and voice over continues. Credits.

Full credits  Duo by Loustal. Director Claire Denis. The Man, Alex Descas. Editor Nelly Quettier; Production Elizabeth Deviosse, Françoise Guglielmi, Eric Bassoff; Director of Photography Agnes Godard; Assistant Camera Galatée Politis; Sound Jean-Louis Ughetto; Lighting Jean-Claude Dasselet; Music Tin Tin Deo Played by Roy Nathanson Quartet, Les Disques du Crepuscule; Composers Luciano P Gonzales, Walter Gil Fuller, © Consolidated Music Pub. Original Title Music Roger White; Series Titles Excess; Series Researcher Nigel Algar; Executive Producers Rodney Wilson, Keith Alexander; Series Producers Keith Griffiths, Diane Freeman. Koninck for BBC and The Arts Council of England. © BBC MCMXCV The Arts Council of England.
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