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Film ID  ACE293
Article  The
Title  Eye Like a Strange Balloon
Series  Picture House
Date  1995
Director  Guy Maddin
Production Company  Koninck
Synopsis  One of a series of short films inspired by paintings: a dramatised fantasy.
Minutes  5 min
Full synopsis  ACE293.2 (00:00:00 - 00:04:35)
Black and white. Live action (some pixillated) some apparently under water. Characters Keller, Caelum, Berenice. Model railway. A train journey. Keller blinded. Woman pulls out her teeth and surrounds a “John the Baptist’” head on a plate. Balloon. Credits.

Full credits  The Eye Like a Strange Balloon Mounts Towards Infinity (A. Edgar Poe, Paris, G. Fischbacher) 1882 by Odilon Redon. © The Museum of Modern Art, New York, Gift of Peter H. Deitsch. Written and Directed by Guy Maddin. The Players: James Keller, Brandy Bayes, Caelum Vatnsdal, Evan Richards, John Teunissen, Ron Eyolfson. Design Jeff Solylo, Sherri Starkell, Michael Powell, Arlea Ashcroft, Dean Smallwood, Andre Locktin, Karri Moddat, Craig Walls, Maureen Landa, Patrick Connolly; Property Master Matt Holm; Costume Design Wanda Farian; Lighting Arlea Ashcroft, Caelum Vatnsdal; Camera Tammy Jones; Sound Clive Perry; Production Assistant Elise Moore; Original Title Music Roger White; Series Titles Excess; Series Researcher Nigel Algar; Executive Producers Rodney Wilson, Keith Alexander; Series Producers Keith Griffiths, Diane Freeman; Koninck for BBC and the Arts Council of England. © BBC MCMXCV The Arts Council of England.
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