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Film ID  ACE298
Title  Attitude
Series  Dance for the Camera 3
Date  1995
Director  Anne Parouty
Production Company  MJW Productions
Synopsis  One of a series of dance pieces created specially for television: two women find each other’s company preferable to that of men.
Minutes  5 min
Choreographer  RJC Dance Theatre
Full synopsis  ACE298.2 (00:00:00 - 00:04:35)
Dancers performing to different music styles. Woman upset by some of the men finds a happier relationship with another. Credits.

Full credits  Director Anne Parouty; Choreographed & Performed by RJC Dance Theatre: Ronald Edwards, De Napoli Clarke, Leo Hamilton, Edward Lynch, Sigourney Robinson, Kathy Williams. Composer Graeme Hamilton; Writer Danny Thompson; Arts Council Production Trainee Sue Cox; Photography Steve Tickner; Second Camera Jordi Ripolles; Camera Assistants Maxine Blake, Frances Duncan; Costume Carla Eve Amie; Production Assistant Tamsin Growney; Production Managers Maggie Swinfen (Birmingham), Angie Daniell (London); Online Editor Tim Lovell; Editor John Humphreys; Executive Producers for the Arts Council and the BBC Rodney Wilson, Bob Lockyer; Producers Anne Beresford, Margaret Williams. MJW Productions for BBC and the Arts Council of England. © BBC and the Arts Council of England MCMXCV.
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