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Film ID  ACE309
Title  T-Dance
Series  Dance for the Camera 3
Date  1995
Director  John Davies
Production Company  MJW Productions
Synopsis  One of a series of dance pieces created specially for television: a tea dance in the church hall.
Minutes  5 min
Choreographer  Terry John Bates
Full synopsis  ACE309.2 (00:00:00 - 00:04:35)
Caretaker tidying church hall. Elderly woman looking at sheet music. Elderly couples arrive and put on their dancing shoes. Participants begin to waltz, fox-trot, rumba, etc. They stop for tea and start to dance again. Credits.

Full credits  Director John Davies; Choreographer Terry John Bates; Composer Alasdair Nicolson; Dancers Betty Aldridge, Betty Appleby, Joan Harvey, Valerie Houseman, Jean Ives, Eileen Kelly, Patricia Quinn, Kathy Rands, Florence Van Harte, Audrey Watson, Isabella Florence, Chris Murphy, Bill Harvey, Terence Littlejohn Bob Watson, John Kelly, Jim Bush, Tom Lamb, Derek Langford, John Staddon; Caretaker, Andy Rashleigh. Arts Council Production Trainees Sue Cox, Colin Poole; Photography Jeff Baynes; Camera Assistant Mick Duffield; Assistant Director Nick Herrett; Grip Jim Monks; Gaffer Paul Toley; Art Directors Russell Craig, Kate Hawley; Production Assistant Tamsin Growney; Production Managers Angie Daniell; Online Editor Allan Ford; Editor Emma Black; Executive Producers for the Arts Council and the BBC Rodney Wilson, Bob Lockyer; Producers Anne Beresford, Margaret Williams. MJW Productions for BBC and the Arts Council of England. © BBC and the Arts Council of England MCMXCV.
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