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Film ID  ACE315
Title  Plane-Song
Series  Sound on Film 1
Date  1994
Director  Deborah May
Production Company  MJW Productions
Synopsis  One of a series of films combining music and images: everyday life in South Africa explored in music and dance.
Minutes  25 min
Choreographer  Vincent Mantsoe
Full synopsis  ACE315.2 (00:00:00 - 00:10:26)
Desert. Young man dancing and whistling. Young man dancing against background of large city. Railway, trains, passengers, construction sites. People on the roads. Women in regional costume. Skyscrapers. Water. Dancer reflected. Reflections in windows. Dancer. Shadow of dancer on rock face. Bird. Landscape. Ostriches. Generator windmill. Piles of empty bottles and cans. Ruined township houses. Modernistic new buildings. Dancer. Shadow, reflection. Women turning wheel of water pump. Filling cans. Washing shoes, clothes. Children swimming, playing with the pump handle.

ACE315.3 (00:10:26 - 00:21:27)
Township football. Women with umbrellas. Donkey carts. Goats. Hawk. Pounding maize. Sifting grain. New crops. Mud house building and cleaning. Desert. Patterns of dunes, mud, trees. Dancer makes patterns in sand. Tyre tracks. Moor rising over desert. Nomad encampment. Goats. Landscapes. Birds. Dancer, partly in split-screen effect. Dancer by city skyscraper and fountain and back in desert.

ACE315.4 (00:21:27 - 00:27:56)
Activities in nomad encampment: milking goats, collecting water, cooking, children playing, etc. Dancer. Credits over.

Full credits  Chorographer and dancer Vincent Mantsoe; The Duke Quartet: Louisa Fuller, Rick Koster, John Metcalfe, Ivan McCready; Photography Dewald Aukema; Sound Recordist Tony Bensusan; Recording Engineer Mike Hatch; Camera Assistant Pam Laxen; Grip Mkhululi Ndlovu; Production Managers Jean Power, Russell Hay; Production Assistants Amulungu Angula, Toni Morkel, Zivi Ronen; Thanks to Sylvia Glasser, Heidi Holland, Robyn Schulkowsky; The Government of Namibia, Dan Tjongarero, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Ulenga Ben Ulenga, Ministry of Wildlife Conservation & Tourism. Vincent Mantsoe appears courtesy of Moving Into Dance Company. On-line Editor Allan Ford; Editor John Middlewick; Executive Producers Peter Maniura, Rodney Wilso Producer Margaret Williams; Composer Kevin Volans; Director Deborah May. An MJW Production for the BBC & the Arts Council of England. © BBC & the Arts Council of England MCMXCIV.
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ACE315.3 (00:10:26 - 00:21:27)
ACE315.4 (00:21:27 - 00:27:56)
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