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Film ID  ACE337
Title  2 into 1 / Misfit
Series  Expanding Pictures
Date  1997
Director  Gillian Wearing, Sam Taylor Wood
Production Company  Euphoria Films
Synopsis  Two short films in a series featuring performance artists: Hilary Greene and her sons swap dialogue, and Kylie Minogue mimes to someone else’s recording.
Minutes  9 min
Full synopsis  ACE337.2 (00:00:00 - 00:05:17)
Woman mimes while boy’s voice speaks words. Two schoolboys – one mimes to voice of his mother. Second boy mimes while mother speaks. All describing each other and their interactions.

ACE337.3 (00:05:17 - 00:08:55)
Kylie Minogue miming to recording of the last known castrato singer.

Full credits  Mother, Hilary Greene; 2 Sons, Alex and Lawrence Greene. Camera Vron Harris; Sound Engineer David Cunningham; Editing Gillian Wearing; Produced by kd digital. Incipit Lamentatio, sung by Alessandro Moreschi the last known recording of a castrato, 1904. Camera Kate Stark; Sound remastering David Cunningham; Produced by kd digital; Titles Paul Harrison, John Wood; Executive Producers Keith Alexander, Rodney Wilson; Series Producers Sophie Gardiner, Debra Hauer. Euphoria Films for BBC Television and Arts Council of England. © BBC Television/Arts Council of England MCMXCVII.
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ACE337.3 (00:05:17 - 00:08:55)
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