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Film ID  ACE340
Title  Warren Beatty’s Coat / Angel
Series  Expanding Pictures
Date  1997
Director  Charles Garrad, Mark Wallinger
Production Company  Euphoria Films
Synopsis  Two short films in a series featuring performance artists: Station House Opera in the snow, and a man moves up and down an escalator.
Minutes  10 min
Full synopsis  ACE340.2 (00:00:00 - 00:05:37)
ACE340.2 10:00:00 10:05:37 Pixillated. Man and woman lying on ground in falling snow. She helps him up and wraps her coat round him and goes away. Second man arrives; pockets snow “biscuit” she’d put down. Both men go away. Woman picking up snow/ice objects. First man brings her coat back. Second man returns. They all eat snow/ice. Second man asks, “How do you know it’s Warren Beatty’s coat?” First man leaves with coat. Woman falls over. Credits.

ACE340.3 (00:05:37 - 00:09:50)
Escalator. Blind man walking down at bottom of apparently “up” escalator – film reversed. He quotes, “In the beginning was the word…”, sound distorted by reverse recording. Man “ascends” on escalator to strains of Zadok the Priest. Credits.

Full credits  WARREN BEATTY’S COAT by Station House Opera. With Bruce Gilchrist. Julian Maynard Smith. Melanie Pappenheim. Thanks to Arts Admin. Specialist Cameras Julian Brooks; Photography Roland Denning; Editing Kypros Kyprianou; Sound Ian Dearden; Director Charles Garrad. ANGEL Director Mark Wallinger; Camera Georgina Burrell; Sound Recording Lucy Pickering; Sound Editing David Cunningham; Produced by kd Digital Titles Paul Harrison, John Wood; Producers Helen Pratt, Jessica Sharkey; Executive Producers Keith Alexander, Rodney Wilson; Series Producers Sophie Gardiner, Debra Hauer. Euphoria Films for BBC Television and Arts Council of England. © BBC Television/Arts Council of England MCMXCVII.
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ACE340.3 (00:05:37 - 00:09:50)
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