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Film ID  ACE341
Title  You Don’t Say
Series  Expanding Pictures
Date  1997
Director  Deborah May
Production Company  Euphoria Films
Synopsis  One of a series of experimental films featuring performance artists: a man and a woman describe their differing versions of the same event.
Minutes  9 min
Full synopsis  ACE341.2 (00:00:00 - 00:09:00)
Woman, putting on make-up, relating how she met a man; intercut with man holding flowers. Man and woman tell their versions of their story. Man and woman doing Scottish dancing. In bed. Dancing. Man shaving. Woman picking spines out of a cactus. Argument; more talking about their relationship. Credits, during which woman tells joke about a goldfish.

Full credits  Written & Performed by Donna Rutherford, John Carson. Lighting Camera Jeff Baynes; Sound Recording Mike Claydon; Art Director Carmel Collins; Assistant Art Director David Weare; Make-Up Steffi Jenkins; Production Assistant Helen Pratt; Titles Paul Harrison, John Wood; Music & Sound Conor Kelly, Sam Park; Editor John Middlewick; Executive Producers Keith Alexander, Rodney Wilson; Series Producers Sophie Gardiner, Debra Hauer; Director Deborah May, Euphoria Films for BBC Television and Arts Council of England. © BBC Television/Arts Council of England MCMXCVII.
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