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Film ID  ACE373
Article  The
Title  Score
Series  Sound on Film 3
Date  1998
Director  Michael Grigsby
Production Company  Michael Grigsby Associates/Odyssey Television
Synopsis  One of a series of films combining music and images: a football match.
Minutes  13 min
Full synopsis  ACE373.2 (00:00:00 - 00:12:31)
Hands clapping at football match. Dawn. Houses next to football stadium. Empty stadium. Groundsman white-lining. Boy listening to football news on the radio. Man coughing. Supporters’ coach going to match. The men singing. Boys wearing team scarves. Pub. Mounted police. People walking to stadium. Coaches. Chants on soundtrack. Ticket touts. Crowds. Police. Going through turnstiles. Programme sellers. Mascots. The game starts. Crowds with balloons. Cheering, chanting, watching the game, clapping, shouting, etc. Singing and chanting over. Dusk. Houses next to stadium. The city at night. Credits.

Full credits  With thanks to Sheffield United FC, Wolverhampton Wanderers FC Supporters Club, Charlton Athletic FC. Location Sound Mike McDuffie, David Lindsay; Photography Mike Eley, Gerry Law, Richard Ranken, Ian Moss; Location Manager Keith Potter; Production Finance Roger Hendry; Sound Editor Mark Neale; Dubbing Mixer Lee Taylor; Music Production Rhys Davies, Andrew Marsh, Anthony Aldridge; Lyrics & Research Steven Dykes; Editor Barrie Vince; Executive Producers Peter Maniura, Rodney Wilson; Producers Kirsty Malcolm, Nicolas McClintock; Composer Paul Englishby; Director Michael Grigsby. A Michael Grigsby Associates/Odyssey Television London Ltd production for BBC and Arts Council of England. © BBC and the Arts Council of England MCMXCVIII BBC.
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