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Film ID  ACE380
Article  The
Title  Linesman
Series  Dance for the Camera 5
Date  2000
Director  Brett Turnbull
Production Company  Pipedream Pictures
Synopsis  One of a series of dance pieces created specially for television: a football linesman at a match.
Minutes  9 min
Choreographer  Dan O’Neill
Full synopsis  ACE380.2 (00:00:00 - 00:08:59)
Football linesman preparing for a match. Camera follows him as he moves up and down the side of the pitch during the game. Incidents behind the line and on the pitch. Half-time and the second half. Two boys run off with the linesman’s flag. He pulls up a corner flag but becomes entangled in the strip of white line that comes with it. The ball is speared by the flag post. The linesman coaches the two boys in the art of linesman movements. Credits.

Full credits  Writer/Choreographer Dan O’Neill; Director Brett Turnbull; Music Gioacchino Rossini, Arranged & Performed by Glue Ear, Alfie Thomas, Michael Thomas, Chris Brierley. The Linesman, Frank Bock, Substitutes, Barry Eaton, Darren Ellis, Sandor Miski, Curtis James; Two Boys, Tommy Alabi, Jack Walsh; Physio, Colm O’Neill; Referee, Joseph Campbell; Footballers, Paul Nott, Kalett Regis; Mark Ellis; Andy Stevens; Jason Martin; Martin Heaton. Continuity Ludwisk Smolski; Make up/Hair Katie Ruffle; Gaffer Joe Allen; Grip Robert Gillman; Assistant Director Grietje Besteman; Line Producer Myf Hopkins; Sound Recordist William Quinn; Off-line Editor James Whitehorn; On-line Editor Hal Dace; Sound Editor Ben Young; Editor dance NPS Mirjam van der Linden; Executive Producers: Arts Council of England Rodney Wilson, BBC Bob Lockyer, NPS Henk van der Meulen; Production Designer Jackie Brooks; Lighting Camera Niels Johansen; Producer Lee Thomas. A Pipedream Pictures production for BBC, Arts Council of England, NPS. © BBC/ACE/NPS MM.
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