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Film ID  ACE384
Title  To a Woman’s Heart
Series  Dance for the Camera 5
Date  2000
Director  Bob Bentley
Production Company  Songbird
Synopsis  One of a series of dance pieces created specially for television: fantasy and reality over the dinner table.
Minutes  9 min
Choreographer  Karin Post
Full synopsis  ACE384.2 (00:00:00 - 00:09:04)
Food preparation. Man comes home with freshly shot pheasant. Plucking it. Laying the table. Woman guest arrives. Pre dinner activities; chef in kitchen. Waiter pouring wine, etc. Dinner. The couple eating lobster, he messily, she very neatly. Waiter fantasises about woman. Kitchen. Wine. Waiter in the kitchen. Waiter with woman. Waiter brings next course. The couple eating chicken and feeding each other. Waiter and woman. Dessert. Man collapses into his plate but recovers and grabs woman. Waiter grabs woman as well. Intercut fantasy and reality. Man falls. Woman leaves with chef. Knife being sharpened. Credits.

Full credits  Choreographer Karin Post; Director Producer Bob Bentley; Composer, Steve Beresford; Female guest, Karin Post; Male host, Titus Muizelaar; Waiter, Eduardo de Paiva Souza; Chef, Christophe Royer. Netherlands Co-ordinator Mariet Bäkker; Dog handler Hans Haarbrink; Runner Isaac Carlos; Sound recordist Gusta van Eijk; Music engineer Dave Hunt; Grip Dirk Nijland; Camera assistant Stefan Bijnen; Electrician Gerard Stam; Make up Manous Nelemans; Costume designer Maurice Frijmuth; Art director Rob Birza; On line editor Danny Davis; Editor Phil McDonald; Lighting cameraman Jeff Baynes; Producer Annie McGeoch; Editor dance NPS Mirjam van der Linden; Executive producers Rodney Wilson Arts Council of England, Bob Lockyer BBC, Henk van der Meulen NPS. A Songbird Production for BBC, Arts Council of England, NPS. © BBC ACE NPS MM.
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