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Film ID  ACE391
Article  The
Title  World Turned Upside Down
Series  Dance for the Camera 6
Date  2001
Director  Jayne Parker
Production Company  MayaVision International
Synopsis  One of a series of dance pieces created specially for television: men and women performing on their heads or hands, though their dogs stay the right way up.
Minutes  9 min
Choreographer  Anthony Howell
Full synopsis  ACE391.2 (00:00:00 - 00:09:00)
Train. Collie in field adjoining railway. Man, seated on kneeling woman’s back, playing trombone. Dogs. Man in bathing costume standing on head and going into other yoga postures. Trombonist stops. Organ music over. Woman putting collie through show-ring obedience exercises. Woman in bathing costume performing headstands. Man and woman perform together. Man, woman and dogs jumping and posing. Dogs walking on hind legs, man and woman walking on their hands. Dogs sleeping. Train. Credits.

Full credits  Director and Editor Jayne Parker; Choreography Anthony Howell; Starring Quincy, Marcus and Ruby; Performers: Anthony Howell, Lorna Stewart. Composer and Trombonist John White; Dogs trained by Mary Ray, Karen London; Lighting Camera Belinda Parsons; Sound Recordist Greg Bailey; Additional Camera Mick Duffield; Jerwood Charitable Foundation Trainee Chantal McKenzie; Executive Producers Bob Lockyer BBC, Rodney Wilson ACE; Producer Sally Thomas. MayaVision International for BBC/SCE. © BBC and the Arts Council of England MMI.
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