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Film ID  ACE397
Title  Snow
Series  Dance for the Camera 7
Date  2003
Director  David Hinton
Production Company  Illuminations
Synopsis  One of a series of dance pieces created specially for television: actuality footage of skaters, etc., edited to build a sequence of rhythmic movements.
Minutes  8 min
Choreographer  Rosemary Lee
Full synopsis  ACE397.2 (00:00:00 - 00;08:25)
Footage of different people in different places and different periods, some speeded up, some repeated, some reversed, etc. – businessman, news vendor, Russian soldiers – waving their arms and stamping their feet to keep warm. Snowball fights, children sliding, soldiers sliding, and so on. People skating and sliding on frozen lakes. Skiers, toboganner, figure-skaters, ski-jumpers, ice-dancers. People being blown along icy pavements, caught in snow-flurries, hurrying across snow-rutted streets, falling on the ice, struggling in blizzard conditions. Credits.

Full credits  Archive: British Pathe, British Movietone, Grinberg Film Libraries, Film Images, Getty Archive Films, Juliet Lyons, ETV. Jerwood Trainee Amy Holly; On Line Editor Michael Sanders; Dubbing Mixer Damian Reynolds; Off Line Editor Simon Ardizzone; Executive Producers Rodney Wilson Arts Council of England, Ross MacGibbon BBC, Henk van der Meulen NPS; Producer Matthew Killip; Composer Adrian Johnson; Choreographer Rosemary Lee; Director David Hinton. An Illuminations Production for BBC & ACE/NPS Holland. © BBC MMIII.
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