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Film ID  ACE399
Title  Waterman
Series  Dance for the Camera 7
Date  2003
Director  Rein Hazewinkel
Production Company  Egmond Film and Television
Synopsis  One of a series of dance pieces created specially for television: morning activities interrupted by a workman’s mistake.
Minutes  3 min
Choreographer  Katrina Brown
Full synopsis  ACE399.2 (00:00:00 - 00:03:06)
Boy with music-box mechanism, house, workman’s portable shelter, woman making coffee, people sleeping, people making music blowing instruments through water. Tap running. Children cleaning teeth. Water dripping; woman puts bowl under it. Man working on water pipes under the road. Noise wakens sleepers. They shower. Man bursts pipe in road. Shower goes off and many other activities stop while people wonder what has happened. Credits.

Full credits  Director and Screenwriter Rein Hazewinkel; Choreographer, Screenwriter and Performer Katrina Brown; Screenwriter and Performer Hans Buhrs; Performers: Bo Madvig, Pierre Bastien, Matija Berlin, Nora Heilmann, Juno Brown, Julia Hazewinkel, Ruby Hazewinkel, Margreet Klinker. Music Hans Buhrs, Rene van Barneveld; Music Production & Sound Design Frank van der Weij; Director of Photography Paul van den Bos; Production Manager Han van der Werff; Line producer Brechtje Schaling; Editor Oskar van den Belt; Producers Egmond Film and Television, Hand de Wolf, Hans de Weers; Editor Dance NPS Miriam van der Linden; Producer NPS George van Breemen; Executive Producers Arts Council of England Rodney Wilson, BBC Ross MacGibbon, NPS Henk van der Meulen. This film was produced with support of the Dutch Cultural Broadcasting Promotion Fund and the CoBO Fund. An Egmond Film and Television production for NPS/BBC/Arts Council of England. © MMIII BBC/Arts Council of England/NPS.
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