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Film ID  ACE437
Title  Talking the Talk
Series  Black Arts Video Project
Date  1994
Director  Marina Warsama
Production Company  Tatu Dada
Synopsis  Rap poet, Brother Niyi, and poet and performer, Zena Edwards, explore the relevance of poetry in black popular culture.
Minutes  8 min
Full synopsis  ACE437.2 (00:00:00 - 00:08:00)
Man and woman strip tape from their mouths. Voices over saying “poetry is about / an alternative perspective / oral tradition is a way of passing on information / poetry’s about talking, it’s about expression”. Zena Edwards with girls in playground. Her VO complaining about the attitudes to women in rap. Caption: Bitch Hype. Edwards performs her poem. Brother Niyi kicking a globe in playground. His VO on John Major’s idea of creating a classless society. Caption: Classless Society. Brother Niyi performs his poem. Edwards explains her wish to “sing the praises of black women”. Caption: Woman. Edwards performs her poem with interventions by other women. Brother Niyi on rap poetry and the need for self-expression. Caption: Now is the Time. Brother Niyi performs his poem. Credits – poem continues over.

Full credits  Artists Zena Edwards, Brother Niyi; Music MC Square; Cameraman Kelvin Richards; Sound Albert Bailey; Offline Editor Eliot McCaffrey; OnlineEditor Thomas Ioannou; Producer Jackie Osei-Tutu; Director Marina Warsama. A Tatu Dada Production. Produced with financial assistance from The Arts Council of Great Britain.
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