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Film ID  ACE457
Article  The
Title  Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci
Date  1953
Director  Adrian de Potier
Production Company  Leonardo Film Committee
Synopsis  Reproductions of images from the notebooks of Italian Renaissance artist and inventor, Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519).
Minutes  24 min
Full synopsis  ACE457.2 (00:00:07 - 00:08:13)
Caption: “During the 67 years of his life Leonardo produced a multitude of drawings. The majority of those drawings from which this film has been made are in the Royal Collection at Windsor. The remainder are reproduced by permission of the Royal Academy and the British Museum.” Drawing of a Bust and Minor Sketches. Study of Horses for the Battle of Anghiari (1503-1504), details of Heads of Horses, a Lion and a Man (c.1503-1504). Details from Study Sheet with Horses (1513-1515), and Horses, St George and the Dragon, and a Lion (c.1517-1518). Study Sheet with Cats, Dragon and Other Animals (1513-1515). Study of the Madonna and Child with a Cat (c.1478). The Madonna and Child with the Infant Baptist, and Heads in Profile (c.1478), with details of boy and old man, a recurring theme. Plant study, Job’s Tears (c.1510). Design for a sluice gate (with notes) with ideas for casting bronze horse on the same page. Studies of the Movement of Water (c.1513-1514), “the movement of the surface of water” with Leonardo’s words comparing it to that of hair: several Head of Leda (c.1504-1506). Details. A drapery study and details of The Head of St Anne (c.1510-1515), “forms shaped by movement” – contrasted with The Bust of a Man Full Face and the Head of a Lion (1505-1510), and A Portrait of a Man in Left Profile (c.1480-1485), The Bust of a Youth in Left Profile (c.1517-1518), Two Grotesque Profiles Confronted (c.1485-1490), A Man Tricked by Gypsies (c.1493), Study of the Human Skull (c.1472-1519) “structure controls movement”.

ACE457.3 (00:08:13 - 00:15:55)
A letter (c.1481-1482) by Leonardo to Ludovico Sforza, Duke of Milan, describing engines of war, read over Cannon Foundry (1487), Studies of Gun-Barrels and Mortars (1485), two views of an Armoured Car (1487), Assault Chariot with Scythes (c.1485). Other ideas for unusual weaponry; more from Studies of Gun-Barrels and Mortars. Letter continues concerning architectural design: The Head of St James, and Architectural Sketches (c.1495). Details of sketches (c.1495) for The Last Supper. The Head of St Philip and other studies for The Last Supper (c.1495). Commentary says that Leonardo would suddenly “leave painting”: designs for the Trivulzio and Sforza equestrian monuments (c.1508-1517). Studies for The Battle of Anghiari (1504-1505). Commentary points out how small all these drawings are. More drawings of horses including A Horse in Right Profile and from the Front (c.1490). Studies of Legs of Man and the Leg of a Horse (1506-1507) and A Standing Male Nude from Behind (c.1504-1506). Cross-section Drawing of a Woman's Torso, Studies of Embryos (or, The Babe in the Womb, 1509-1514), Anatomical Studies of a Male Shoulder (1509-1510). Partially dissected faces and hands. Different versions of The Skull Sectioned (1489), one suggesting the location of the soul. A Study of a Woman’s Hands (1490).

ACE457.4 (00:15:55 - 00:24:24)
A Tree (c.1510). Trees (or Birch Copse). Oak leaves and acorns, flowers and seed pods. Job’s Tears. Representation of a Tempest. A Rocky Ravine (c.1475-1480). Star of Bethlehem, Wood Anemone and Sun Spurge (c.1505-1510). Studies of Flowing Water (c.1509-1511). Neptune (c.1504). The Virgin and Child with SS. Anne and John the Baptist (c.1499). A Storm in an Alpine Valley (c.1508-1510). Studies of water (Leonardo’s words over), various images of storms and floods. Representation of Natural Phenomena including A Deluge (1517) and A Deluge (c.1517-1518). A Study for the Costume of a Masquerader (c.1517-1518). Masquerader in the Guise of a Prisoner (c.1517-1518). The Head of an Old Man (c.1517-1518), A Standing Masquerader (c.1517-1518), Charcoal Drawing of a Female Figure. Leonardo’s words on truth and science over. “Leonardo da Vinci. Born 1452 Died 1519.”

Full credits  The Leonardo Film Committee presents By gracious permission of Her Majesty the Queen THE DRAWINGS OF LEONARDO DA VINCI. Script and Commentary by Michael Ayrton; Advisor A. E. Popham; Commentary spoken by Laurence Olivier; Quotations from the writings of Leonardo da Vinci spoken by C. Day Lewis; Music by Alan Rawsthorne; Sound by Anvill; RCA Sound System; Photographed by Adrian Jeakins; Assisted by Derek Waterman; Filmed on Kodachrome; Print by Technicolor; Directed by Adrian de Potier; Produced by Basil Wright.
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