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Film ID  ACE460
Title  Pix
Date  1972
Director  Antony Donaldson, Nicholas Pollock
Production Company  Mathews Miller Dunbar
Synopsis  An experimental film in which the imagery is based on sculptures and paintings by British artist, Anthony Donaldson (b.1939).
Minutes  10 min
Full synopsis  ACE460.2 (00:00:00 - 00:10:04)
Vertical blue band replaced by shot of topless woman in sea. Black band over bubbles in bath, reveals title as cut-out when foot goes behind it. Feet and legs in bath. Colour spectrum projected on silk and on naked woman. Sea. Sea. Stripper unzipping clothes intercut with flashing neon “pix”, bath, multiple images of ceramic naked woman; woman’s body; more neon (“Hollywood”); woman in bath. Fan dancers, woman’s cleavage, nipples, stripper, architectural shapes, neon. Sequins and sequinned shapes, woman in bath, naked woman, ceramic. Neon signs and ornate cinema frontage in daylight. People on beach. Woman in bath. Flowered materials. Ceramic and human nudes. Sequins. Fan dancers. Marching band. Stadium crowds in coloured patterns – “Indiana”, American flag, evening dress. Woman in bath, nudes, dancers. Woman putting on make-up, woman in bath. Water-skier, neon. Man in checked shirt, checked pattern, glittering shapes, dancers, stripper, silk. Sequinnned shapes, ceramic and human nudes, sea superimposed, woman in batch. Neon “pix”. Credits.

Full credits  A film by Antony Donaldson and Nicholas Pollock. Produced by Mathews Miller Dunbar for The Arts Council of Great Britain © 1972. With thanks to Gayle Climber, Clive Tickner, Alan Moore, Fiona Ronaldson, Alys Kihl, Chalky White, John Laflin, Jean Mondo, Anthony Mathews, Patricia Marks.
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