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Title Date Director Production Company Synopsis Minutes Film ID  
Richard Hamilton 1969 James Scott, Richard Hamilton Maya Film Productions The work of British painter and collage artist, Richard Hamilton (b.1922). 24 ACE021 Full details
Art of Claude Lorrain 1970 Dudley Shaw Ashton Balfour FIlms The landscape paintings of French-born Claude Lorrain (c.1600-1682) which are an idealised distillation of landscape features near Rome. 24 ACE022 Full details
Henry Moore. The Tate Gallery, 18 July - 22 September 1968. An Arts Council Exhibition 1970 Walter Lassally, David Sylvester British Film Institute A wide range of work by British sculptor, Henry Moore (1898-1986), in a retrospective exhibition at the Tate Gallery. 14 ACE023 Full details
Kinetics. The record of an exhibition. Hayward Gallery 1970 1970 Lutz Becker Slade School of Fine Art An examination of the history and different styles of kinetic art through a 1970 Hayward Gallery exhibition. 22 ACE024 Full details
Magritte. The false mirror 1970 David Sylvester British Film Institute A film on Belgian Surrealist painter, René Magritte (1898-1967), shot during the 1969 exhibition of his work at the Tate Gallery. 19 ACE025 Full details
Malevitch. Suprematism 1970 Lutz Becker A representation of the ideas of Ukrainian-Russian artist, Kazimir Severinovich Malevich (1878-1935), who developed, from Cubo-Futurism, his own Suprematist movement. 9 ACE026 Full details
Cast 1971 Peter Dockley Intergalactic Films Wax figures and other objects made by British sculptor and film-maker, Peter Dockley, melt before the camera. 12 ACE027 Full details
Great Ice-Cream Robbery. Tate Gallery, London, 1970 1971 James Scott Maya Film Productions A two-screen film (to run with Claes Oldenburg Retrospective), made at the time of the 1970 Tate Gallery exhibition of work by Swedish-American Pop artist, Claes Oldenburg (b.1929). 34 ACE028 Full details
Rolanda Polonsky Sculptor 1971 Lionel Mishkin Rosebrook Productions The work of sculptor, Rolanda Polonsky (d.1996), interviewed at Netherne Hospital while she was being treated there for schizophrenia. 10 ACE029 Full details
Sailing Through 1971 Nicholas Monro Intergalactic Films An installation of painted fibreglass cones by British Pop artist, Nicholas Monro (b.1936). 5 ACE030 Full details
St Adolf II. Adolf Wölfli 1864-1930. Painter, writer, composer 1971 Lionel Mishkin Rosebrook Productions The work of schizophrenic Swiss artist, Adolf Wölfli (1864-1930), who spent most of his life in the Waldau asylum, Bern. 20 ACE031 Full details
Art in Revolution 1972 Lutz Becker Red Cross International The period of experimentation and innovation in Russian art that took place in the decade after the 1917 Revolution. 47 ACE032 Full details
Reflections 1972 William Pye British Film Institute The kinetic possibilities of the reflective surfaces of steel shapes by British sculptor, WIlliam Pye (b.1938), as they mirror light, water, and landscape. 17 ACE033 Full details
Alfred Wallis 1973 Christopher Mason Mason Bruce Associates The work of self-taught British Primitive painter, Alfred Wallis (1855-1942). 22 ACE034 Full details
Edward Burra 1973 Peter K.Smith Balfour Films The work of the British painter, Edward Burra (1905-1976). 30 ACE035 Full details
Jim Stirling’s Architecture 1973 Ron Parks The work of British architect, James Stirling (1926-1992), and his personal philosophy of what constitutes good public building. 49 ACE036 Full details
Lacey Rituals. Some of the rituals, obsessions & habits of the Lacey Family 1973 The Lacey Family LaceyFilms A home movie record of a few days in the lives of eccentric British performer, Bruce Lacey (b.1927), and his wife, Jill Bruce (Smith; b.1942), and their children. 60 ACE037 Full details
Mantegna. The Triumph of Caesar. 1973 Dudley Shaw Ashton Balfour Films An analysis of the nine images in the tempera series by Italian Renaissance artist, Andrea Mantegna (1431-1506), after their restoration by John Brearley. 22 ACE038 Full details
Mud and Water Man 1973 Alister Hallum The life and work of British potter, Michael Cardew (1901-1983), concentrating on the legacy of the twenty years he spent in Ghana (at Achimota) and Nigeria (Abuja). 51 ACE039 Full details
Odeon Cavalcade 1973 Barry Clayton Greendow The development of the Odeon chain of cinemas in Britain in the 1930s, and an examination of its Art Deco house style. 35 ACE040 Full details

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