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Title Date Director Production Company Synopsis Minutes Film ID  
Body of a Poet. A tribute to Audre Lorde, warrior poet, 1934-1992 1995 Sonali Fernando Peripheral Vision A dramatisation of autobiographical events depicted in the poetry of black American lesbian poet, Audre Lorde (1934-1992) 29 ACE406 Full details
Bohemian Noir et le Renaissance del Afrique 1990 V. Amani Naphtali Black Bohemian A stylised docu-drama which looks at the emergence of an Afrikan movement among black British artists in the 1980s. 26 ACE407 Full details
Bound 1994 Kimi Takesue Dance and poetry combine in a dramatic narrative in which a young Chinese-British woman undertakes a symbolic journey of self-discovery. 15 ACE408 Full details
Bridge to the Past 1994 Raymond Yeung Force 8 Productions A stylised drama, incorporating elements of Peking opera and martial arts, which examines the beliefs underlying the Chinese Hungry Ghosts’ Festival. 21 ACE409 Full details
Can I Touch It 1994 Tanya Read Black Light A partly dramatised examination, with animated sequences, of the origins and influences of black hair styling in Afro-Caribbean culture. 12 ACE410 Full details
Cedar Wood and Silk 1995 Jillian Li-Sue Rosenthal Films A dramatised narrative examining the intergenerational conflict between Jamaican immigrant mothers and their British-born daughters, centring on clothing and appearance. 14 ACE411 Full details
Chaytantra. The Sixth Story 1993 Ali Zaidi, Keith Khan An animated parable in which Endless Power finally overcomes Rich Power. 12 ACE412 Full details
Confusion. The music of Khuljit Bhamra 1992 Hardial S. Rai Fusion Films The work of Kenyan-born composer, Kuljit Bhamra (b.1959), in which he seeks to keep alive traditional Punjabi music as well as combine it with Western forms 21 ACE413 Full details
Dalda 13. A portrait of Homai Vyarawalla 1995 Monika Baker eMBe Productions India’s first woman photojournalist, Homai Vyarawalla (b.1913), talks about her life and work. 23 ACE414 Full details
Damirifa Due! Saying goodbye. 1993 Rosemary Dei-Boateng A celebration of the Ashanti funeral tradition, showing ceremonies recorded in Ghana and Britain. 15 ACE415 Full details
Employing the Image. Making spaces for ourselves 1989 Amanda Holiday A look at the ways in which five young black and Asian British artists, (Simone Alexander, Zarina Bhimji (b. Uganda, 1963), Sonia Boyce (b.1962), Allan De Souza, and Keith Piper (b. Malta, 1960)) produce issue-based work, and a critique of contemporary art practice. 28 ACE416 Full details
Fireflies n Stars 1991 TUUP (Godfrey Duncan) Rastaman in De Year 2000 A partly animated story of loss and grief. 8 ACE417 Full details
Homecoming. A short film about Ajamu 1995 Topher Campbell Gorgeous Black, gay photographer, Ajamu (Ikwe-Tyehimba, b.1963), returns to his home town, Huddersfield, for an exhibition of his work which explores personal, sexual and cultural identity. 17 ACE418 Full details
I is a Long-Memoried Woman. Based on a collection of poems by Grace Nichols 1990 Frances-Anne Solomon Leda Serene/Yod Video Drama, dance and archive film woven together to relate the story of a young African woman taken to slavery in the West Indies; the narration is based on poems by Grace Nichols (b. Guyana, 1950). 49 ACE419 Full details
Identical Beat 1994 Smita Maldé Cat Productions Three young British Asians participate in a two-day music-technology workshop, run by Aniruddha Das, which combines Asian and Western musical forms in ways which Das believes can be an important tool for young people of Asian origin to explore the dichotomy of their experience. The film prompted the formation of Asian Dub Foundation. 24 ACE420 Full details
Iqbal. Two or three things I know about him 1994 Nasser Aslam An impressionistic exploration of the ideas of Indian Muslim poet, philosopher and politican, Mohammed Iqbal (1877-1938), spiritual founder of Pakistan. 23 ACE421 Full details
Is This the Future? 1991 Andy Francis Wangmo An analysis of the role of rap music in the growth of black consciousness in Britain. 21 ACE422 Full details
Kamla 1996 Chila Kumari Burman Kamla Space Productions An experimental drama questioning stereotypes of Asian women and urging them to become artists. 7 ACE423 Full details
Kanga 1992 Ian Watts Kanga Productions A young black couple look for African styles and materials for their wedding costumes. 15 ACE424 Full details
Linear Rhythm. A portrait of three artists 1990 Rosa Fong Working Pictures/Almond Eye Three Chinese-British artists explore the influences of cultural displacement, repression, and politics on their writing and painting. 23 ACE425 Full details

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