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Title Date Director Production Company Synopsis Minutes Film ID  
Little Sister What Colour Flower Are You Wearing in Your Hair? 1993 Hi Ching Dance Continuuuum An experimental version of the story of Liang Shan-po and Chu Ying-tai, combining drama and traditional Chinese music and dance. 20 ACE426 Full details
Love in a Cold Climate. A story of urban living and rituals of survival 1990 Kwesi Owuso, Kwate Nee Owu Efiri Tete Films/African Dawn An exploration, through drama, poetry and music, of the situation of an unemployed Ghanaian musician trying to survive in London. 34 ACE427 Full details
Memories in Mind 1992 Shirley Thompson Prime Productions The partly dramatised stories of four women who migrated from the Caribbean to Britain in the 1950s. 22 ACE428 Full details
Memory Pictures 1989 Pratibha Parmar The work of Indian-born Canadian photographer, Sunil Gupta (b.1953), exploring issues of identity and migration. 25 ACE429 Full details
Passages 1993 Ranjana Sharda Mix Productions An experimental film in which the artist film-maker uses her paintings on a journey of personal discovery. 10 ACE430 Full details
Polishing Black Diamonds 1988 Susannah Lopez The history and activities of Munirah Theatre Company as they explore aspects of black culture in Britain through their choreopoems. 22 ACE431 Full details
PS We’ve Got a New Dog...! 1992 Charles daCosta A partly animated film depicting family life in Ghana as described in a letter to a man in Britain. 5 ACE432 Full details
Raag Glitter & Chips. Asian music, British society 1995 Kuljit Chuhan An examination of the ways in which people of Asian origin experience traditional Asian music in Britain. 17 ACE433 Full details
Rage & Desire 1991 Ruppert Gabriel Zone Productions A tribute to Nigerian-born photographer, Rotimi Fani-Kayode (1955-1989), examining how his work was informed by his experience as “an outsider”. 17 ACE434 Full details
Rhythms 1994 Ruhul Amin Contrast Film A dramastised exploration of the complex role that traditional music plays the lives of three members of a Bengali family in Britain. 18 ACE435 Full details
Silent in the Crowd 1991 Monika Baker Web Productions A discussion of possible reasons for the high incidence of schizophrenia in the black British community, accompanied by Birmingham-based group, Blackvoices. 13 ACE436 Full details
Talking the Talk 1994 Marina Warsama Tatu Dada Rap poet, Brother Niyi, and poet and performer, Zena Edwards, explore the relevance of poetry in black popular culture. 8 ACE437 Full details
Texturing the Word. 40 years of Caribbean writing in Britain 1989 Amon Saba Saakana A survey of writing produced by Caribbean-born authors in Britain from the 1940s on, with the participation of Roy Heath (b. Guyana, 1926), Edward Kamau Brathwaite (b. Barbados, 1930), George Lamming (b. Barbados, 1927), Linton Kwesi Johnson (b. Jamaica, 1951), and Grace Nichols (b. Guyana, 1950), who address questions of colonialism, immigration, language, and so on. 55 ACE438 Full details
Thousand Borrowed Eyes 1994 Shakila Maan Kathak exponent, Nahid Siddiqui (b. Pakistan,1949) offers her personal analysis of the origins of this dance form. 15 ACE439 Full details
Threads of Time 1990 Rashpal Dhaliwal The role of the artist as documentor and activist examined through the work of two Asians living and working in Britain, painter Bhajan Hunchar and batik-maker Shaheen Merali (b. Tanganyika, 1959). 17 ACE440 Full details
Three Songs on Pain Light and Time 1995 Edward George, Trevor Mathison Black Audio Film Collective The life and work of black British artist, Donald Rodney (1961-1998), who suffered from Sickle Cell Anaemia. 22 ACE441 Full details
Tibetan Arts in Exile 1991 Mian Har Ng Wangmo Productions How traditional Tibetan art and culture survives outside the country since it was invaded by the Chinese in 1959. 19 ACE442 Full details
Ursulena’s Box 1992 Jillian Li-Sue Rosenthal Films Old Vincent reminisces about the death and burial of his great grandmother, Ursulena. 10 ACE443 Full details
Utterance. The music of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan 1990 Pervaiz Khan Soho Works A film about Pakistani musician, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (1948-1997), leading exponent of Sufi devotional qawwali singing. 22 ACE444 Full details
Walking Away With the Music 1989 Shafeeq Vellani Claws The Western appropriation of African and Asian music and dance as seen by participants at the 1988 W.O.M.A.D. festival. 31 ACE445 Full details

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