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Title Date Director Production Company Synopsis Minutes Film ID  
Reflection. A film about time and relatedness 1977 Lawrence Moore Vortex An examination of the relationship between human beings and nature: the patterns which occur in nature, and the appearance of such patterns in religious buildings as a mediation between humans and their natural environment. 57 ACE061 Full details
Tom Phillips 1977 David Rowan Arbor Films The British painter, print-maker and composer, Tom Phillips (b.1937) talks about his work, in particular, A Humument. 50 ACE063 Full details
Dancers 1978 John Chesworth, Yutaka Yamazaki Experimental film of members of the Ballet Rambert in rehearsal, in performance, in class, and at home. 29 ACE064 Full details
Dread Beat and Blood 1979 Franco Rosso The issues dealt with in the poetry of Jamaican-born British writer (b.1952) compared with the concerns of young, black, working-class Londoners. 47 ACE065 Full details
Europe After the Rain. Dada and Surrealism 1978 Mick Gold The work of the leading exponents of Dada and Surrealism, from the First World War through the 1920s and 1930s. 87 ACE066 Full details
Eye of the Heart. The paintings of Cecil Collins 1978 Stephen Cross Stephen Cross The work of British visionary painter, Cecil Collins (1908-1989). 47 ACE067 Full details
Fields of the Senses 1978 Graham Coleman Thread Cross Films A meditation on impermanence and the relationship between the mind, body and environment, as illustrated by some of the rituals of Buddhist monks in Tibet. 48 ACE068 Full details
Prophecy 1978 Graham Coleman Thread Cross Films The 14th Dalai Lama (Tenzing Gyatso, b.1935) in exile in India, and an exploration of the ways in which Tibetan Buddhist culture is maintained outside its country of origin during the Chinese occupation. 52 ACE069 Full details
Radiating the Fruit of Truth 1978 Graham Coleman Thread Cross Films The essence of tantric Buddhism as expressed in some Tibetan Buddhist rituals, in particular, the invocation of the female deity Tara, “A Beautiful Ornament.” 121 ACE070 Full details
Hogarth 1976 Edward Bennett Tattooist International A film which attempts to contextualise the work of English satirist, William Hogarth (1697-1764), and his contribution to the development of the popular print, with reference to methods of image reproduction. 23 ACE071 Full details
Hokusai. An animated sketchbook 1978 Tony White Animated sequences based on 60 images from the work of Japanese artist and print-maker, Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849). 5 ACE072 Full details
Landscape From a Dream. Paul Nash 1889-1946 1978 Tristram Powell Platypus Some of the landscape work of British painter, Paul Nash (1889-1946), with commentary drawn from his own writings. 29 ACE073 Full details
Morgan’s Wall 1978 Caroline Goldie, Ron Orders, Geoff Richman, Marie Richman Liberation Films An examination of the principles of public art through the work of a number of London-based muralists (Peter Pelz, Russell Barrett, Emily Young (b.1951), the 395 Association, and workshops in West Hampstead, Wandsworth, and Greenwich), and concentrating on the creators of Morgan’s Wall, led by Brian Barnes (b.1944). 51 ACE074 Full details
Music in Progress. Mike Westbrook – jazz composer 1978 Charles Mapleston Malachite The work of British jazz composer and performer, Mike Westbrook (b.1936) 42 ACE075 Full details
News From Nowhere 1978 Alister Hallum Alister Hallum A dramatised account of the life and work of English Socialist artist and writer, William Morris (1833-1896), and his connection with members of the Pre-Raphaelite movement. 53 ACE076 Full details
One Foot in Eden. A film about Orkney and the music of Peter Maxwell Davies 1978 Barrie Gavin Platypus An evocation of Orkney in relation to the work of British composer, Peter Maxwell Davies (b.1934), who has lived there since 1971. 49 ACE077 Full details
Phantom Captain Appears 1978 Ian Johnson Henge Films Examples of the work of the Phantom Captain theatre company as they stage audience-interactive, site-specific events. 42 ACE078 Full details
Third Front. Political theatre: Erwin Piscator 1978 Peter Wyeth A dramatisation of the life and work of German theatre director-producer, Erwin Piscator (1893-1966), the leading exponent of epic theatre. 36 ACE079 Full details
Ubu 1978 Geoff Dunbar Grand Slamm Animation An animated version of the anarchic 1896 play, Ubu Roi, by French writer, Alfred Jarry (1873-1907). 18 ACE080 Full details
Wot! No Art? 1978 Christopher Mason Mason Bruce Films Art and architecture during the post-war Labour government 1945-1951, and the way in which the dream of universal access to Britain’s cultural heritage was undermined by economic problems and international events. 54 ACE081 Full details

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