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Title Date Director Production Company Synopsis Minutes Film ID  
Art We Deserve? 1979 Jeremy Marre Harcourt Films An examination by art historian and critic Richard Cork, of the gulf between minority art and mass culture in Britain. 46 ACE082 Full details
Bridget Riley 1979 David Thompson Balfour Films The work of British painter, Bridget Riley (b.1931), pioneer of Op art. 27 ACE083 Full details
Correction Please; or, How we got into pictures 1979 Noël Burch The development of early cinema narrative and film language examined through a dramatised mystery story, interspersed with examples of pre-1906 productions. 50 ACE084 Full details
Fathers of Pop 1979 Julian Cooper The influence of the Independent Group (1952-1955) on the British Pop art generation. 47 ACE085 Full details
Four Questions About Art 1979 Edward Bennett Cactus Films The relationship of a lecture, “The Political Economy of Art”, given by John Ruskin (1819-1900) in 1857 (dramatised) to some present day concerns: art education, the place of photography, art exhibition and the contribution of architecture to the environment. 47 ACE086 Full details
Like as the Lute 1979 Leszek Burzynski Picture Partnership An exploration, by British lutenist, Anthony Rooley (b.1944), of the relationship between Arab and European music, in particular, that of the ’ud (oud) and the lute. 37 ACE087 Full details
Stanley Spencer 1979 David Rowan Arbor Films The life and work of British painter, Stanley Spencer (1891-1959), best known for his wartime and religious images. 57 ACE088 Full details
Steel ’n’ Skin 1979 Steve Shaw The community-level work of Steel ’n’ Skin, a music and dance group of African, West Indian and British participants, which their founder, Peter Blackman, believes can contribute to good inter-racial relations. 34 ACE089 Full details
Woodman. David Nash, sculptor 1978 Peter Francis Browne The life and art of British environmental artist and sculptor, David Nash (b.1945). 34 ACE090 Full details
Beaubourg. Four films by Denis Postle 1980 Denis Postle Tattooist International Four views of the Centre Nationale d’Art et Culture Georges Pompidou, Paris: its construction and contents, comments by the British Archigram Group, and the film-maker’s own critique. 52 ACE091 Full details
Boldon Lad. Aspects of traditional music in working class Britain 1980 John Tchalenko The range of musical entertainment, working class in origin, to be found in Britain. 34 ACE092 Full details
Chance, History, Art... 1980 James Scott Finestroke The role of accident in painting and performance, connectons with Surrealim and politics, and the present-day context in which art merges with everyday life, discussed with five British artists born in the 1930s and 1940s. 44 ACE093 Full details
Imperial City 1980 David Rowan Arbor Films The building of New Delhi between 1911 and 1948, particularly the contributions of British architects Edward Lutyens (1869-1944) and Herbert Baker (1862-1946). 47 ACE094 Full details
Kites. A collage of kites and kiteflyers 1980 Simon Heaven A history of kite-making and flying around the world, and interviews with kite enthusiasts living in Britain. 27 ACE095 Full details
Over Here. Irish music and dance in England 1980 Carlo Gébler Associates Film Productions A celebration of Irish culture, particularly music and dance, as it exists in England. 50 ACE096 Full details
Punch and Judy. Tragical comedy or comical tragedy 1980 Keith Griffiths Koninck Studios A dramatised history, incorporating excerpts from historical writings and old prints and photographs, of the Punch and Judy show, first seen in Britain in the 17th century. 46 ACE097 Full details
Sam Sherry. Stepdancer 1980 John Tchalenko The life and career of British step- and clog-dancer, Sam Sherry (1912-2001). 16 ACE098 Full details
Schiele in Prison 1980 Mick Gold The life and work of Austrian figurative painter, Egon Schiele (1890-1918), set against the background of paintings by his mentor, Gustav Klimt, and others. 47 ACE099 Full details
Somewhere in Hackney 1980 Ron Orders Cinecontact Community arts as practised in the London borough of Hackney, 50 ACE100 Full details
David Hockney on Modern Art 1981 David Rowan A personal account by Pop artist, David Hockney (b.1937) of the development of twentieth century European art. 46 ACE101 Full details

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