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Title Date Director Production Company Synopsis Minutes Film ID  
Painting Chicago 1982 Judy Marle Landseer The work of Craigie Aitchison (b.1926), and the progress of his fifth painting of former boxer, the Chicago Kid. 37 ACE122 Full details
Pantomime Dame 1981 Elizabeth Wood Woodfilm The evolution of the British pantomime dame from the 1880s as told by a number of contemporary “Dames”, Arthur Askey (1900-1982), Douglas Byng (1893-1988), Billy Dainty (1927-1986), Ian Evans, George Lacy, Paul Laidlaw, Terry Scott (1927-1994), and Jack Tripp (1922-2005). 47 ACE123 Full details
Pastorale. Music/Theatre by Trevor Wishart 1982 David Hutt Thread Cross Films Experimental British composer, Trevor Wishart (b.1936), takes a humorous, critical look at Creation myths, and the problems of free will and determinism. 42 ACE124 Full details
Photomontage Today. Peter Kennard 1982 Chris Rodriguez, Rod Stoneman TV Co-Op Television Co-Operative The work of British photomontagist, Peter Kennard (b.1949) discussed in relation to that of other political photomontage-makers such as the German John Heartfield (1891-1968) and Klaus Staeck (b.1938). 35 ACE125 Full details
Ten Years in an Open-Necked Shirt 1982 Nick May Metropolis Pictures A portrait of British poet, story-teller and comedian, John Cooper Clarke (b.1949). 61 ACE126 Full details
Against the Grain. The Sapperton group of craftsmen designers 1983 Margaret Dickinson Four Corners The aspirations and achievements of the English furniture designers and craftsmen, Ernest Gimson (1863-1919), Ernest Barnsley (1863-1926), and Sidney Barnsley (1865-1926), who settled in the Cotswolds and devoted themselves to the development of traditional crafts. 52 ACE127 Full details
Alan Bush. A life 1983 Anna Ambrose Black Sun Films British composer, Alan Bush (1900-1995), talks about his music and his attempts to combine it with the struggle for social change. 64 ACE128 Full details
Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright 1983 Murray Grigor Everallin A survey of the life and work of American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959), designer of the “prairie” house and the “Usonian” house; commentary includes the voice of Wright himself. 75 ACE129 Full details
Jeff Keen Films 1983 Margaret Williams Arbor International The work of British experimental film-maker, Jeff Keen (b.1923), whose work is influenced by images from comic books, advertising, home movies, etc. 36 ACE130 Full details
Margaret Tait. Film Maker 1983 Margaret Williams Arbor International An interview with Scottish film-maker, Margaret Tait (1918-1999), which records her life and work and the development of her film style. 34 ACE131 Full details
Normal Vision. Malcolm Le Grice 1982 Margaret Williams Arbor International The work of British experimental film-maker, Malcolm LeGrice (b.1940). 26 ACE132 Full details
Seeing for Ourselves. Women working with film 1983 Margaret Williams Arbor International A look at Circles, a company set up in 1980 to promote audiovisual work by women and to facilitate research and discussion of issues concerning women working in film and related media. 56 ACE133 Full details
Messages from Bhupen Khakhar 1983 Judy Marle Landseer The work of self-taught Indian narrative painter, Bhupen Khakhar (1934-2003) with commentary by the artist. 37 ACE134 Full details
Shadows from Light. The photography of Bill Brandt 1983 Steve Dwoskin Urbane The work of German-born British photographer, Bill Brandt (1904-1983), in particular his connections with the Surrealist movement, his portraiture, and his nudes. 59 ACE135 Full details
Sign is a Fine Investment 1983 Judith Williamson An investigation into the way in which images of work have disappeared from advertisements, and how social and economic factors determine the visibility or invisibility of aspects of daily life. 44 ACE136 Full details
Grand Feu / High Fire. Survie d’une tradition / Survival of a tradition 1984 John Tchalenko High Fire Films A record of the last firing of a 16th-century kiln in Puisaye, France. 52 ACE137 Full details
Just What Is It That Makes Today’s Sculpture so Different, so Appealing? 1984 Geoff Dunlop Illuminations Contemporary sculpture in Britain featuring work by artists who use non-tradtional materials. 53 ACE138 Full details
Anish Kapoor 1984 Geoff Dunlop, John Wyver Illuminations Interview with the Indian-British abstract sculptor, Anish Kapoor (b.1954). 14 ACE139 Full details
Bill Woodrow 1984 Geoff Dunlop, John Wyver Illuminations Interview with British sculptor, Bill Woodrow (b.1948), whose work utilises domestic applicances, car doors, etc. 17 ACE140 Full details
Edward Allington 1984 Geoff Dunlop, John Wyver Illuminations An interview with sculptor Edward Allington (b.1951). 16 ACE141 Full details

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