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Title Date Director Production Company Synopsis Minutes Film ID  
Cornelius Cardew 1936-1981 1986 Philippe Regniez Cinecontact The life and work of controversial British composer, Cornelius Cardew (1936-1981), and his contribution to avant garde music and to political song-writing. 53 ACE162 Full details
Jessye Norman. Singer 1986 Bob Bentley BBC TV/Malachite Productions The life and career of black American opera singer, Jessye Norman (b.1946) 74 ACE163 Full details
Mark of the Hand. Aubrey Williams 1986 Imruh Caesar Kuumba The life and work of Guyana-born painter, Aubrey Williams (1926-1990), a founder member of the Caribbean Artists Movement. 51 ACE164 Full details
Refuse to Dance. The theatre of Howard Barker 1986 Ann Foreman Mingflow The work of British dramatist Howard Barker (b.1946), with extracts from performances from the Royal Shakespeare Company’s 1985 season, and comment from actors, directors and critics, 52 ACE165 Full details
Wall of Light 1986 John Tchalenko High Fire Films/Les Films Roger Leenhardt The revolutionary Maison de Verre, Paris, completed in 1931, which inspired British sculptor, Richard Deacon (b.1949), to produce two works, and influenced British architect, Richard Rogers (b.1933) in his designs for London’s Lloyds Building. 52 ACE166 Full details
Invocation. Maya Deren 1987 JoAnn Kaplan Arbor International The life and work of Russian-born, American avant garde film-maker, Maya Deren (1917-1961). 53 ACE167 Full details
Jacob Epstein. Rebel-angel 1987 Catherine Collis Central Independent Television The life and work of the controversial American-British sculptor, Jacob Epstein (1880-1959). 53 ACE168 Full details
Steve Reich. A new musical language 1987 Margaret Williams MJW Productions The work of American composer, Steve Reich (b.1936), a pioneer of minimalism and process music. 56 ACE169 Full details
Vita Futurista. Italian Futurism 1909-44 1987 Lutz Becker Followbetter The Italian Futurist movement, which lasted from 1909 to around 1944, partly filmed at a 1986 exhibition at the Palazzo Grassi, Venice. 52 ACE170 Full details
Exit No Exit 1988 Julian Henriques Formation Films The London Contemporary Dance Theatre in a fantasy set on the London Underground. 26 ACE171 Full details
Freefall 1988 Bob Bentley Airtight Films A dance piece by British choreographer and dancer, Gaby Agis. 26 ACE172 Full details
Marketing the Arts. Foundation for success 1988 Bob Carson Broadwick Productions A training package for arts organisations, featuring the situations of Harrogate Theatre, Talawa Theatre Company, Extemporary Dance Theatre, London Mozart Players, London Philharmonic, and National Museums and Galleries on Merseyside. 55 ACE173 Full details
Silver Shine 1988 Yugesh Walia Endboard British jazz saxophonist and composer, Andy Hamilton (b. Jamaica, 1918), talks about his life and music; performances by Hamilton’s group, the Blue Notes, 25 ACE174 Full details
Stones and Flies. Richard Long in the Sahara 1988 Philip Haas Methodact British sculptor, Richard Long (b.1945), producing examples of land art by walking and arranging groups of stones and rocks. 38 ACE175 Full details
Carrington 1988 Teresa Grimes Paintbrush The life and work of British landscape and portrait painter, Dora Carrington (1893-1932), and examples of her experiments in interior decoration . 26 ACE176 Full details
Colour of Dreams 1989 Susanna White Paintbrush The work of British Surrealist painter and collage-maker, Eileen Agar (1899-1991). 26 ACE177 Full details
Fast and Furious. The life & times of Nina Hamnett 1989 Teresa Grimes Paintbrush The life and work of Nina Hamnett (1890-1956), “Queen of Bohemia” and exponent of “psychological portraiture”. 26 ACE178 Full details
Laura Knight 1877-1970 1989 Jane Jackson Central Independent Television The career of Laura Knight (1877-1970), British narrative-realist painter, known particularly for her work as a war artist and for her paintings of circuses and gypsies. 26 ACE179 Full details
Winifred Nicholson. Not Nailed Down 1988 Teresa Grimes Paintbrush The work of British landscape and flower painter, Winifred Nicholson (1893-1981). 26 ACE180 Full details
Clocks of the Midnight Hours. The work of Max Eastley 1988 Simon Reynell Steel Bank Film Co-op Work by Max Eastley (b.1944), kinetic sound sculptor. 27 ACE181 Full details

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